Compare! Here's what the practice gets with FreeMedicalBilling.net software:
  1. All Medical Claims Electronically Filed with Carriers including Medicare and Medicaid
  2. Claim Status Updates and Messages Direct from Carriers including Medicare and Medicaid
  3. Access to Extensive Claim Follow Up System
  4. Point & Click, Easy to Use Windows Software
  5. Scanned Images can be Attached to Each Claim
  6. Software Preloaded with AMA CPT/ICD-9 and Carrier/Medicare/Medicaid Information
What you need:
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
What it costs:
  1. Annual Practice Management Software - Free
  2. Monthly Maintenance Fee -- $12.50/provider (applies to first 2 physicians; all others $0.00 per month)
  3. Initial Setup Fee - $300.00 per provider
Maintenance Includes More Than the Following:
  1. Updating the Software for all Carrier, Medicare and Medicaid Clearinghouse Changes
  2. Maintaining and Updating Knowledgebase
  3. Maintaining and Updating Patient Statement Processing
  4. Software Support
  5. Complete Backup at Independent Offsite Software Vault
  6. Maintaining and Updating Software
Paper Claims and Patient Statements
  1. Paper Claims - 15 cents per claim plus First Class Postage (currently 42 cents per claim)
  2. Patient Statements - First Class Postage (currently 42 cents per claim) + Statement Fee (22 cents per claim) + Practice/Patient Web Access Fee $25 per month per provider (optional if you want to allow your patients to pay with a credit card over the web.)